Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekly Winners & PIF Giveaway V 3.0

Weekly Winners
August 10-16, 2008
We had a VERY busy week...if you'd like the haiku version, click here.

Headed to the fair, compliments of C-Tran!

Such a docile goat, he even had some bling on....

These "fancy" chickens cracked me up!

I'm an excellent driver.

Riding Solo

Backseat Driver
Fair McShort

Loving on the cow...


Yes, I'm all that!
I couldn't was just presenting itself...if you need further proof of my insanity/sickness, check out the elephant penis posts here and here.
Stylin' the socks honey, really.
Tappy McShort

Yes, I do toot my own horn!

Shuffle Step
Little Girls in Tap Shoes Just Makes My Heart Happy
Sauté (french ballet term for jump)

Sprinkler McShort

Garden Bounty

Yes, the car really gets this hot!!! 132degrees and it was only 96 degrees outside at the time!

RJ loving McShort

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secret agent mama said...

I love all the variety here! Wonderful!!

hearthead said...

You guys have been busy! McShort looks like she is having the summer of her life!!! What a good mom you are!

Annie said...

Wow - what a great variety of shots! Looks like lots of fun - can I come play with you??

Suzanne Says... said...

Nice! A little bit of everything! We finally got a break from the triple digit temps...and not a moment too soon.

Jenty said...

Absolutely LOVE the dancing shots!

Rebecca said...

I think Fair McShort is my favorite. :)

connie said...

That's a great family pic~LOL @ the goat!~Love all the McShort pics @ the fair; it's obvious she was having the time of her life!~DOUBLE LOL @ the WHY pic!~The tap dancing pics of McShort are so cute~& I REALLY LOL @ the toot my own horn pic; great caption!!

All great pics representing LOADS of fun :)