Friday, July 24, 2009


So being the absent blogger as of late, I never told you that Scooter, one of my guinea pigs was pregnant. Let's not mention that I thought she was a he....

So about a month ago, when holding her I noticed how plump she was getting, did a bit of research and deduced that she was preggers. Then this morning I awoke to her and her four beautiful babies. Wow! I'm sad I missed it, but these babies are so cute I wanna breed her and fuzzy again...yeah, maybe not! Not sure what I'll do with all these babies that I have now.

Here is Scooter, the Mommy:

Here is Fuzzy, the Daddy:

Here are the cuties:

this little critter is the only one that is all black and white

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Light Hearted Look at Motherhood

Ok. This woman seriously cracks me up!!! Enjoy the video clip, I know I did. Enjoy your Wednesday. We're headed off to play at park and then I need to clean up my kitchen. After making these for breakfast using the jam we made yesterday, my kitchen needs some SERIOUS attention. And the muffins TOTALLY ROCK!!! Go make some jam and then make the muffins. The only bad part is you'll want to eat like six muffins and then you'll feel bad. (not that i did that...)