Friday, August 8, 2008

Haiku Friday

going to the zoo
feel really painful to me
it's always the same

need a prolonged break
lions, tigers, bears, OH MY!
see ya in a year.

So, don't think me a bad mom. Or I guess go ahead and think me a bad mom. I don't care. Alright I do care. I really want everyone to like me, but seriously...I don't think I can take another zoo trip for a while. Maybe it's because we've been members for two years and we (I) always feel the need to "pay for it".

Some friends from work met up at the zoo yesterday. We had a nice time, it was a cool day. We got a great show from the hippos too. I was of the thought that those wily beasts just laid around all the time, but nope. I. was. wrong. Yesterday they were swimming and putting on a show.

Happy Friday to all. I'm headed to work.

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Lilacspecs said...

I only like the zoo once a year or in the company of small children.

Secret Agent Mama said...

I love the zoo, but we don't go too much these days (as we are over an hour from it). However, when we lived close to one we went a few times a week. Packed a lunch and walked, walked, walked. It was great times.

maggies mind said...

I kind of like the zoo, but I also don't really get there even once a year, so that may be part of it. I love animals, but I always feel kind of bad for them being confined. Mixed feelings, I guess.

Michelle said...

I can relate on the zoo experiences... we're definitely done for the year.

But more importantly, you won my PIF contest! Yay you! I'll send you an email, as well. Congrats!

Jane said...

You have "blog bling" on my blog! Come check it out.