Monday, August 4, 2008


This is my 99th post...kinda like 99 bottles of beer on the wall....but not really.

So. It's August 4th and the whole "hello August" gig always saddens me in one way and excites me in another. I get sad because I know it's an ending. An ending to the (usually) carefree days of summer. I get excited because it also signals a beginning...the beginning of a new school year. I know...all my teacher friends will read this and think I'm kinda sick that I actually get excited at the thought of going back to work.

This year will provide an extra amount of added excitement as I'm transitioning to first grade from having taught third grade for like five years or so. The level of anxiety at times I have is palpable. I'd say in a good way though. I feel like I get the challenges that this level will present.

I was feeling really anxious when I first made the decision to move solely based on the fact that I (goofball that I usually am) have to teach them to read. That still freaks me out a little when I think about it, but I know that my good friend (and self-appointed mentor, carrie) will be able to guide me on this journey. And, after taking her class last week I feel much more armed for the whole reading thing. So, on with it.

My other anxiety surrounding these little people is the do I talk to them without making them cry? I mean, seriously. I've been in tall kid where you just tell 'em like it is (in a nice way). They don't cry (usually) or wet their pants (usually) or get on the wrong bus (again, usually). And, they can stick with an activity for longer than 15 minutes (usually...there are always the exceptions).

So am I completely nuts? Do you have any advice? I'm really looking forward to this, just have these "things" floating around in my brain...among many, many others. AND if you're a total nerd or even just a little bit of a nerd and love to read professional books, Debbie Miller has a new one coming out soon. Click here to read about it and get a sneak peek at chapter one.

Have a fantastic day, I know I will!


hearthead said...

Well, you are a nerd, I already knew that. You'll be fine! They are bigger than your baby girl and you will realize that right off the bat and I know that will make you feel a whole lot better. You will do an awesome job teaching those little munchkins how to read. I mean you have Carrie, right there at your finger tips! What more could you need? Have a little faith in yourself. You will be awesome. They will never forget you, they'll love you!
You can do it!!!!