Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Kind of Funeral Do You Want & PIF Giveaway

So on the drive home from the memorial service yesterday Mr. McDriven and I had an interesting conversation. It all started with the fact that he didn't recognize any of the songs (hymns) at the service we attended (and neither did I, for the record). Not a lot of people were really into the songs nor were they belting them out with much feeling.

Mr. McDriven decided that at his funeral he wanted songs that everyone knows. He wants people to sing "I've been everywhere" by Johnny Cash. Then I suggested "Ring of Fire" by Mr. Cash as well (appropriate, don't ya think?). Then I had thought that karaoke might be fun, to which Mr. McDriven decided that instead of having people share words about him at his service, they'd need to sing a karaoke song instead. Sounds upbeat, don't ya think?

We brainstormed a number of ideas. Some good, some bad...like Mr. McDriven's idea of having people take jello shots off the dead man's body. That was over the top in my opinion. But to each his/her own. Right? Like, instead of coffee and punch...whiskey or tequila shots. Heck, you could make it such an event that you could charge a cover, ya know? Then donate it to charity or something nice like that. Hold a raffle? Hmmm......

I'm not saying I'm spending tons of time thinking about my funeral. I'm focused on living, ya know? But if I were to think about it, I'd want it to be upbeat. Like a big party. I know I'm going to a better place when I leave, so why not have a fantastic send off for me? Like what about a destination funeral? That way everyone would be able to take a fun vacation. Yeah! I want my ashes taken to Disneyworld and I want all of the participants to take a bit of me and just sprinkle 'em all over the place.

Am I sick? I'd like to think I'm fun. I don't want people to be sad when I die. Seriously. I want them to be happy they knew me and then have a big party to celebrate my trip to eternity. So now you all know...when I die make Mr. Tall follow through with this...that is if he outlives me :)

So....what kind of funeral would you want? Leave a comment for an entry in my THIRD pay it forward giveaway.
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LoriB said...

Amen on the destination funeral! I would be spreading your ashes from the top of the Everest ride at Disneyworld. Come to think of it, i would hold mine there too and it would be a requirement for everyone to ride a roller coaster. A friend of a friend's just had a Celebration of Life for their cousin. I think a funeral should reflect who you are as a person and celebrate the wonderful things you have done (and giggle at the stupid ones as well). I want some Stevie Ray Vaughan played at mine!

Melynda said...

I would want everyone that wanted to, to take part in the biggest potluck/gathering. Some where on the coast, or in the mountains (because it is kind of hard to pick the weather for these things!). Bring something that you made with your hands and your heart. Be prepared to talk, to each other, about your likes and times shared with me or in spite of me. Because it will not be about me, it will be about having a happy heart and continueing on as the days go by......

Lots of music, lots of laughter, lots of stories and of course food. Some jokes, a glass of wine, cups of coffee and lots of hugs.

Then go home and spend the rest of your life living as if your day will never come.

.....say what you need to say, now. tomorrow may belong to someone else....

Michelle said...

I want everyone to go to a hockey game. At intermission I want them to go down to center ice, hold up a beer, and say a quick, funny toast. I'll be watching them fall on their butts trying to get off the ice!

Liane said...

Jello-shots! How many of you will be able to say you did Jello-shots off a dead guys stomach. Well, maybe not the most attractive idea, but definately a good dare.

Then there's song choice. I think that we all can pick songs that say who we are, but it's really more about the songs that everyone knows. While SRV would be great for some, when you break out with, "Bye, bye, Miss American..." yeah you all know the rest. That's what I'm talking about. I don't want a single dry voice in the house.

Bye the way, as I watch the Olympics, I've decided I want an Olympic gymnist to do an un-even bars routine. It'd be a nice finish.

So, let's all grab a mico-phone and man-up and start the party!


PS: "If it is too loud, you're too freakin' old."

Kim/2 Kids said...

I want a giant wake on a boat somewhere in the tropics. All my friends and family could wear whatever they wanted. My friends would say wonderful and not so wonderful things about me, show how much they loved me and finally let my mother know I was successful in life in spite of her. Well, can you tell I am still a little bitter?

nikki said...

I want a party. Let everyone celebrate my life. A mariachi band, shots of vodka, laughter.

nikki said...

Opps, Let's try the correct link.

Courtney said...

Wow! This is an easy one for me. I want to be cremated and then still have a very small memorial service without all the cost and frills.

Thanks for the chance to win!

EL said...

I would host from the grave a large party for all my friends, with open bar and tons of food. Then I would provide limo service to take everyone home.