Thursday, June 26, 2008

Backyardigans and Zoo News

So I've got this nasty "summer" cold. Runny nose and crud in the chest. The when you lay down your head is going to just explode cold. Yeah. So after working this morning on year long plans with my new first grade teammates and applying coat number 2 to my bookshelves, I didn't feel like making dinner or playing with Shorty (Mr. Tall is working late tonight). So we picked up a p'zone at Pizza Hut and headed home to watch The Backyardigans from the Library.

I love the fact that Shorty has such great taste in kid-toons. The Backyardigans are fun. They're groovy. They're just all around enjoyable to watch. It's in no way punishment for me and even better, this one had four episodes. These little guys can groove and sing like no other cartoon I've seen. So we ate dinner in front of the TV and then snuggled on the couch. Then it was time for bedtime...stories and teeth brushing.

I'm exhausted. End of story.

Ok, I do need to share with you that the zoo trip yesterday was a complete blast!! I saw the likes of something I'd never before witnessed too...

can you guess?

what it was????

a bird?


a plane?




give up?


hold on........................

censor for young eyes...................................

ELEPHANT PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This isn't the actual elephant....I forgot my camera...but my good pal Sally took many pics for me and I'm hoping she'll e-mail them to me soon. It was ironic we should witness this event because Sally had just finished telling me all about her last visit to the zoo when the exact thing had happened....oh so interesting. I just couldn't stop watching!!!!


Liane said...

My oh my oh my.......

Anonymous said...

just what did you google to get that picture?

were the monkeys fornicating again? that's a show let me tell you!

Rebecca said...

Yeah. Something similar happened the last time I was at the zoo. Except I was with a boy I had a crush on. (This happened 5 years ago, two years before I started dating my husband.) It was early in the day and we were at the rhino exhibit. A little boy, who couldn't have been more than five, asked his parents, "Why does that rhino have five legs?"

Oh my... :)