Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly Winners/Project 365 Update

Week 3
January 18-24, 2009

Here are a couple that didn't make it into the 365 book.....

My newly done with glitter. I luv 'em!

Photographer McShort...she clicked the pic of my nails with the webcam on my laptop. Then she wanted one of herself as well :)
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New President

Well it's almost 2am and I just finished typing sub plans for tomorrow today. Shorty McCough Cough is sick and not improving. This is the first night she's not sleeping well. So, I've called for a sub, written plans and called the secretary at school. God bless the sub who will go into my room today....and the tornado of a mess that it is. Such is life, right?

Anyhow. In case you missed President Obama being sworn in, or just wanna see it again, here you go.
We watched it at school today and I got a little eyes began to water. What a moment. I told the first graders that this was a special day in history and they'd remember it as the day they were in first grade with Me. Those lucky kids.

So have a good day. I'll be doling out cough medicine, kleenex and hot tea.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekly Winners/Project 365 Update

January 11-17, 2009

Week 2
Left hand side of layout. I think if you click on the pic it'll get big so you can see the photos and read the journaling.

Week 2
Right hand side of layout.
I'd have to say that the highlight of this week was hearing Ellin Keene speak at the Rethinking Literacy Conference. Along with that included a night at the Monarch Hotel all by myself. It was quite dreamy.
I am enjoying the Project 365.

Here is one more pic from the week:

Super Savings at Walgreens...Spent 20.56 and saved 56.39. Go ME! I have been reading this blog and this blog for coupon/sale pairing tips.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Haiku Friday

been away so long
so busy, so sorry
but here i am now

only three more days
of the current president
bring on a change. hope.

i am "off" tonight
staying in a hotel room
wow, it is dreamy

will hear ellin keene
she is so inspiring
so knowledgeable

So yeah...I've not been around lately...let me tell you my life has been rocky. between the rollercoaster of emotions shorty mcscreaming, "you're the stupidest mom on earth" and the never ending energy of my first graders, I've not had the energy to post.

Today though, I'm headed to a conference. I'm very excited. I enjoy hearing Ellin Keene's amazing words on literacy and thinking. If you've never heard of her, look her up. She's written Mosaic of Thought and To Understand. The latter is simply amazing, at least in my opinion. I though Mosaic was amazing too when I first read it. It has changed a lot about how I think about how kids learn to read and what is really important.

So there you have it. Have a wonderful Friday! I know I will!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project 365 Update for Weeks 1 and 2

Jan. 4-10, 2009

I am doing project 365 and think i'll just put pics of the week in here for my weekly winners. You can click on the pics to enlarge them.

Week 1
I put a pic of New Year's Eve and did it as a two page spread.

The rest of week 1. I love the January transparency overlay.

Week 2, and what a week it was....I'm so tired!!!

The rest of week 2
I hope you like my update. My goal is to put up pics of the week on Saturday or Sunday...maybe even Monday :) Don't wanna commit myself to anything....

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekly Winners

December 28-January 3, 2009

Bowling Birthday Party

Watch it go....

Still watching....
My Bowling McShort was the winnah!!!Engrossed in art.

Last minute prep to go back to work on Monday....being the queen procrastinator that I am.

Woke up to more snow.....blah!

Deep in concentration.

1 Martini, 2 Martini, 3 Martini.....FLOOR!

Good Friends

Our 2009 Family (self) Portrait

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Witty Song for 2008

My Mom sent this video to me. It's only three and a half minutes long. Check it out. It's funny. I appreciate this guy's creativity and wit.

Operation Budget Update

Despite the fact that I awoke to yet MORE snow yesterday, I persevered and continued to work on the budget. Mr. Tall went to the bank and picked up cash, I put together cash envelopes. We've always said we'd try to do this, but have never really tried it. Well now we're trying it for real. All our envies have been loaded and pledges to not use the debit/credit cards have been made. Wish us luck as it is only the third day of January.

I went shopping yesterday at Albertsons, but not until I'd scoured the ad and made my list. Oh and I also made sure to clip my $10 off a $50 purchase coupon. So, I spent $51 and saved $58. Go me! Then I hit Walgreens and got 4 bottles of Dawn dish detergent and 2 Garnier Fructis deep conditioner for $4.25. Go me again. I got that tip from Erika and Christina over at Saving 4 My Family. If you're in the Portland, OR area check their site out. I'm going to visit The Portland Fruit Company next week when I'm back at work (since it's not too far from my school).

I've not touched my school work yet though (oh man, I think it's gonna be a Sunday night thing at this point). I have been taking a picture each day though for Project 365. I cannot wait for my kit to arrive!!! Last night I even started to journal it so I wouldn't forget while I wait for the kit to arrive.

Today I have a nail appointment, maybe I'll post pics later. I need to stop at Safeway and pick up some cough drops for Mr. Tall. I'll also pick up some of their "door buster" deals as well. Have a wonderful Saturday. I know I am trying to enjoy each second of vacation that is left.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Last Day of Vacation and Check out My New Widget

Ok, so I am mourning that today is the end of my winter vacation. Waaaaaaahhhhh! Can you hear me crying? The saddest part is that I've not even touched all the stuff I brought home to work on. Yikes...I'm guessing I'll get on it some time around Sunday night.

I've really enjoyed this break. A. Lot. Like sleeping until 7:30. I know it sounds early, but my usual wake time is 5:20. I'm dreading trying to drag my tired bottom outta bed so early. Oh my. Maybe I should go to bed early tonight.

Oh and did you see the fortune cookie widget I put up? Yeah. Click on it. You get your fortune. I think it's fun. (and if you're reading via a reader, know that my music is least for a bit) Yes, Sue & Lea, I can see you dancing the happy dance. Be warned that the music could come back at any time.

Ok, I'm off to enjoy the last official day of vacation. We'll see what today brings.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Project 365 (or better known as my goal for 2009)

Happy New Year's People.
I used to make resolutions, but not anymore. I never follow them anyhow. So....I will make a goal...

A few of my CTMH friends and I are going to try this Project 365, inspired by Becky Higgins and Creating Keepsakes Magazine. The concept is that you are going to take a picture every day in 2009 and put it in an album and do a little journaling about the picture. Don't freak out thinking that you have 365 MORE pictures to scrapbook, you're not going to do that. Click here to see a sample layout.

Here's a link to Becky Higgin's Blog, a post where she explains the concept of Project 365. Here she explains the concept a bit more. Creating Keepsakes has a kit you can buy. Originally I was not going to purchase the kit, but use stuff I had. I'm thinking I'm gonna purchase this kit. It's under $40 so I can "justify it" I think. (plus it'll still be cheaper than me purchasing an album and page protectors, i'm just saying)

AND...I got myself this little gifty to make this project even easier! Yup, it's a photo printer. I soooooo spoil myself, don't I? And onto the next goal for the year....get back to living on a budget. Yes. We need to do this. Who knows how long Mr. Tall will have a job.
So, if all goes well. I'll post updates here on my Project 365 and what we'll call, "Operation: Budget 2009".