Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1 & Giveaway Reminder

Ok, this is my very FIRST "Thursday Thirteen"....I need a better icon setup, huh? Just one more thing I need to learn how to do....or ask Mr. Tall to do for me.

So for my first 13 list, I shall recount 13 stupid things people asked/said/did at my garage sale. With my internal monologue in italics after it.

1. Does this TIVO come with a lifetime subscription ($20 price tag)...uh's twenty freaking dollars...are you kidding me?!

2. (holding about $15 in toddler clothing, person asks) Will you take $7.00 for these? Fack no I won't take seven freaking dollars...are you serious?!

3. (looking at a bin with atari game and game cartridges) you have ? Uh, why don't you freaking bend over and look your damn self?! The games aren't even mine!!!

4. Do you have any tools? Does it look like I have any tools in this sea of baby clothes, toys and books?!

5. Can you break a fifty? (after spending 25 cents) Do I look like Wells Fargo to you?!

6. Are there any other sales around here? Do I look like I've been out shopping? NO! I've been sitting here answering stupid questions!!!

7. Do you think this (pack and play for an infant) will keep my dog in? OMG, what?!

8. Will my dog (see item from #7) be able to chew a hole in this? Are you serious? It's your dog!

9. Switched price tag stickers to get a better deal. Come on's a GARAGE SALE!

10. Unfolded a table full of clothes and bought nothing. Do you do this at home when you're dressing in the morning?! COME ON PEOPLE!

11. Parents who let their children run around knocking shit on the floor. Get a baby sitter or just be a parent...heck, leave 'em in the car if you have to.

12. Parents who let their children pick shit up and put it down wherever...I get sick of moving shit back...really!

13. Parents who send their kid up to bargain the price because they're like 5 years old and who can seriously say no to a short cute person? are. you. serious?!

And there you have my very first Thursday Thirteen. Click here for a list of more of them to visit!!

AND...if you've not entered my giveaway yet, GO ENTER!!! Just click here, read post, leave comment with you entry. Easy-peasey! (only 9 entries so far and it ends in a week or so....)


The Mocha Mom said...

Great list, we ran a garage sale last month, we experienced a lot of thing same stupid questions. Good first TT!

☆Deana☆ said...

These are classic...haha. Now I remember why I never have garage sales. Great 13!

savvyprchick said...

Great list, but scary because I'm having one in two weeks!

Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy TT!

WomensDaily said...

Some people really are just ridiculously dumb.

the teach said...

Well, congratulations, you did a wonderful job! Welcome to TT! :)