Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today is Wednesday, Right? and a little Brady Bunch too...

Yesterday I was tired. Today I'm exhausted. And as I sit here I can only is, oh shit, what day is it? Then I have to think about what I did yesterday and anchor it to the "schedule" for my week. Yeah, today is Wednesday.

Yeah, gorilla breakfast at the high school. Speech from the superintendent. Broadcast test scores from across the district making people feel bad and jealous; to show the fantastically smart and hardworking teachers in most schools; to show how dumb state assessments are and that they are one day in a kid's life and reflective of an entire education to that point, not just the teacher for that year.

Off soapbox, you can continue to read on comfortably.

So you may be wondering, my 6 or 7 readers, why is Janelle so exhausted? Doesn't the girl ever sleep? Well, she does, or should I say, I do sleep. Not much last night though, because.......

wait for it......

I was partying like a rock star

No, not quite like a rock star, but close enough, or should I say as close as I'll get these days...

Let me give you a hint:

And another hint:
Did you guess what I was doing or where I was? Here is the story...please sing to the tune of The Brady Bunch:
Here's a story, of a girl named Janelle,
who loved doing many different things.
So when her friend named Lori asked
her a favor
she couldn't say no

It's the story, of a man name Edwin
who was performing at the Aladdin last night
he was awesome, his last name McCain
we enjoyed it so very much!

till the early morning that Janelle had to wake up
and her eyes popped open at 5:15a.m.
then she felt the need to b
log this story
that's the way Janelle spent her Tuesday night
her Tuesday night
her Tuesday night
that's the way Ja-nelle spent her Tuesday night
ba da ba da bum bum!

To sing with music, click here or here. Really...try's a lot of fun! (Remember to stop my music player first though)

I had such a great time with my good friend Lori. We didn't get home until midnight-ish and it was so worth it! Edwin McCain rocked the Aladdin last night and I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you Lori for taking me with you.

Now I have to go get dressed for work. Eek!


heather v keeling said...

love that you and lori are out partying before the school year hits full-force! :)
(and you new song is one of MY best karaoke songs!)

edbteach said...

Oh my god! Do you work in Texas? (I know you don't, I clicked on your superintendant link) Anyway, I feel the same way. As for broadcasting district scores, they do that here too. I used to call it the "Scoresheet" They would send everyone's scores to each campus. I would just toss them in the trash!

I totally agree with you about the test only being one day in a child's life. My students are RETAINED if they do not pass! Talk about crazy pressure for an 8 year old - and the 31 year old teacher! LOL!