Saturday, August 23, 2008


Some days it pays to be a teacher. Like today. Especially today.

Today was "teacher appreciation" day at Staples and Office Depot. Usually you go and get a free bag with a couple goodies in it and some free coffee and donuts. But today. OMG!

Staples, you outdid yourself!! The jump drive was awesome, thank you very much. But then all the vendor tables you had set up? Fantastic! I visited each one and entered their drawings. I won a bag of supplies from the LA Fitness table, which then told me about their fantastic signing special. I signed up. (I've been meaning to sign up with a gym again for a while and today was the day.) Then I was on my way out and I heard my name again...yup! Thank you Horace Mann (investments/insurance) for the $20 Staples gift card. Yahoo!!!

Office Depot, not as good. A re-usable bag, folder and note pad. Thank you Office Depot, but Staples kicked your butt!

I also stopped at Scholastic Warehouse for their big book sale....I dropped some cash and got lots of new books. Some for Shorty's birthday (a bit over a month away), mostly for my classroom. Just a couple more days until I'm back at work.

Happy Saturday! OH and don't forget, if you've not entered (and not many of you have) my giveaway, go enter!!! It ends today!


edbteach said...

I wish that we had a Staples in our area. I have heard for years how good their teacher appreciation day is! Ditto on the Scholastic warehouse sales.

I linked your blog on my blog. (I did the personality quiz.) If that isn't OK let me know and I'll change it.
or you can comment on the blog!

I am excited that I have found another teacher's blog. I like to read how things are different in different schools/places!

Have a great day on Monday!