Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Science Experiment

Whilst watching the news a couple nights ago I saw a man lying claiming that he popped popcorn in his hot car. I thought, wow! If he can do it, so can I. I also I thought, if you can bake cookies in your hot car, why not popcorn? Yeah, yesterday we had our second day of 100 degree heat and I thought, bring it on. We're gonna have popcorn.

NOT! It. Didn't. Work.

But I'll show you our photo journal anyhow. Shorty and I did have fun with this too. (I know, we're weird like that)

So....experiment setup. Popcorn and thermometer. Check.

128 degrees, inside the car...whoa!

What did we learn? The mass media is just a bunch of liars. And that the car gets really hot inside, like 132 degrees hot.

And, an almost 4 year old loves to go check on the "experiment" constantly and doesn't understand when it doesn't work (we popped popcorn in the microwave at about 4:30 for her to eat).

End of story.

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LoriB said...

oh how adventurous! I'd like to try to make s'mores inside my car so we can eat them later on... :)

WoW on the temp in the car. I wish everyone knew how HOT a car gets before they leave their child or pet in the car. Yikes.

Hope you are staying semi-cool in this wave. I'd like to find a freezer to climb in myself.

hearthead said...

Hey,I saw that on the news too! Good job, you could have your own episode of Myth Busters!