Monday, August 25, 2008

WINNER!! We have a winner!!!

I'm sure all of my lovely readers (all 6 or 7 of you) have been waiting with baited breath for the winner of my grand pay it forward giveaway. Well, wait no more. Here it is....

Well, first I'd just like to say thank you for the whole 8 comments I got. Seriously people, you out did yourselves. I really enjoyed your thoughts on funerals. Really. I. Did. Honest.

So here is the winner chose:
And the first comment was left by none other than the very lovely LoriB. If you've not been to her blog check it out and leave some love.
So....if Lori dies before me, I'll totally make the trek to Disneyworld to help spread her ashes!! I'm assuming she'd prefer me to blow them from the top of the Everest ride, so that is how I'll do it. I'll probably sing a little song too....probably something tasteless and cheap and raunchy. Cuz that is just how I am and Lori loves me anyway. (and so does her darling hubby)

So, congrats to Lori! (now she has to have her own giveaway!!!) I'm soooooooo totally going to just take a picture of her when I give her the goods (oh man, I gotta get on that)! And is not an official workday, but I'm treating it as such. My goal is to also hit the gym today. Wish me luck ;) If I don't forget, I'll take a couple pics of my classroom (and Shorty's new haircut) to share with my faithful (6 or 7) readers.


LoriB said...

how fitting. the song "jump around" came on when i opened your blog results.! Yeah! can't wait to figure out what i'll do.