Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keyword Analysis

Do you have a stat counter for your blog? If not, you need one...seriously. I don't get too worked up about the number of people visiting my blog, but I get a big laugh when I read the "keyword analysis". I use StatCounter. (creative name they came up with, don't ya think?)

So here you go, here are keywords that people used as search terms and ended up at my blog.
  • elephant penis
  • i find myself making every possible mistake
  • elephant's penis
  • elephant erection size
  • happy no squabbles in marriage but bored
  • live a little kim green
  • blueberry freezer jam
  • zucchini crockpot cake
  • parenting hard work
  • how much does an elephant's erection weigh?
  • 8 year old breastfeeding
  • chocolate zucchini cake
  • song its a strange world coming you've got to give and take i find myself making every possible mistake
  • best kind of panties
  • debbie miller
  • to mistake this is a happy end cause you dont understand
  • clips notes three cups of tea by greg mortenson
  • mistake la la la la la song
  • lyric myself making every possible mistake
  • put your feet in the stirrups
  • not making mistakes in finding another wife
  • parenting is hard work
  • dental sad to see you go letters
  • elephants 14 foot erection
  • insensitive spouse
The sad thing is the prevailing term that brings searchers to my blog has to do with elephant erections and their penis. OMG! I think that I definitely need to find something new to blog about that will bring people to my blog. Any ideas? And the new soul thing with the word mistake has to do with when I blogged the lyrics to the song New Soul here.

Another sad statistic is that 74.3% of my visitors spend less than 5 seconds at my blog. Waaaah...I need a tissue!!

That's it...nothing else exciting. Maybe tomorrow I will have some better content for you.


Liane said...

I am so sorry that no one hangs out on your blog. I know I try to leave asap.....

BTW, LOL on the countdown to work.