Saturday, June 28, 2008

Elephant Penis

If you've never seen an elephant penis you're seriously missing out in life. It's an incredibly interesting sight. I'm not saying good sight, just really interesting. Train wreck interesting. Like, can't turn your eyes interesting. As I mentioned here my good friend Sally took the pics and sent them today. As promised, here ya go!

notice the obvious shrinkage going on?

had we taken another shot, you would notice that it's gone....

So it led me to want to do some is some info I picked up on the web:

African bull elephants hold the title of the largest relative penis size in the animal kingdom. The longest elephant penis can grow up to six and a half feet long. (like holy crab batman...that's HUGE!)

While elephant erections can reach from two or three feet to five or six feet and 14 to 16 inch in diameter. One enterprising biologist has even gone as far as to calculate the average weight of an elephant penis at a est. 59.5 pounds (with testicles at 4.4 pounds each). (who actually does this research?!)

penis invisible except when extended; testes internal

The elephant's penis has many features in common with its trunk, in that when erect it has the ability to curl and extend upwards, and to hold onto things. Erect, the adult male's penis is almost as long as it's trunk. Also like the trunk, it is capable of creating a suction, thus having a capability to pleasure the female during copulation, or to disengage other males seeking to pleasure it with their trunks.

There you go. You and I now know waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than we ever needed or wanted to know about an elephant's penis.


Sue said...

OK, that was wayyyyyyyy more info on elephant penis' (or is it peni?!) than any one person should be subjected to!! ;)

Dad always told me I should learn one new fact every day. I think I've got the next week covered!

Mama Mia! said...

Oh. My. God. You did NOT just blog about elephant schlong! Thanks for making me blow my coffee out my nose!