Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Role Do You Play?

Ok, so Liane was a Guru. Jane was an Innovator and me....I'm the......Storyteller.

You Are the Storyteller

You have a way with words, and you love hearing yourself talk.

You are at your best when you have an audience, and you can carry on a conversation with anyone.

You are light hearted and fun - a natural entertainer. It's a side of you that you can't really turn off.

You thrive on attention (perhaps a little too much), and you love applause.

When you allow yourself to be serious, you can be a moving and articulate speaker.

Your words have power, and not just the power to make people laugh.


LoriB said...

I am the Innovator

You're the type of person who is always a step ahead of everyone else.
You thrive when you're experimenting with new designs, ideas, and attitudes.

You are a creative person with many talents. You have to have artistic outlets in your life.
You need to create - whether it's writing furiously or redecorating your home. If not, your life becomes chaotic.

You tire of doing the same thing every day. You change your job, friends, and personal style often.
You are at your best when you have a focus. If not, you develop a flaky artist's temperament.

edbteach said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am a warrior. I'm going to do a post about it tomorrow.

My room is almost ready. I am putting up posters and finishing up my library. I was going to take pictures today but I didn't get to it. I have a workday tomorrow and a workday on Friday so I'll take pictures then. I am hoping to post them over the weekend.

The kids come back on Monday, the 25th. When do you start back?

Liane said...

Hehehehe, yep that makes sense to me! I wanna be the storyteller. Sounds more fun than guru! LOL