Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sassy Mouth

I dearly love Shorty McShort, but where or where does she get her sassy mouth? I mean, honestly, I know that I can be outspoken at times, but the Short is saying stuff I could never even dream up. Like this morning, we're all sitting on the couch and Mr. Tall says something to her...I forget what, but it was a question. She replies with, "because I'm a human...duh!"

I don't say duh. Mr. Tall doesn't say duh. WHERE. DOES. SHE. GET. THIS?! Some other new lines...that's dumb. That's stupid. I don't care. Some old friends of hers include: you're not my best friend, I'm mad!, and I can do what I want.

Geeze kid, throw me a bone here is what I think when this crap comes outta her mouth. Any ideas? Really people, I am in need of help here. Deep breaths are only going to work so long for me.


LoriB said...

I hear you and some similar things from my little sassy pants! I have found the more I say about it the more it comes out. When curiosity gets the best of me I ask, who says that? I usually get an eye opener about where she gets it!

I get...
you are driving me nuts
you're not the boss of me
you're not my friend anymore

just a few... cheers.