Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Got Blog Bling!

Yeah baby, I got me some sweet blog bling compliments of Jane. Seriously, go check out this post. Notice how sweetly she talks about me, unlike some of my "friends". hee hee...peggy if you're reading this, which you're probably not cuz peggy doesn't do blogs. I know. Sick.
So you may have also noticed how Jane had a bunch of rules of stuff I was supposed to do. Yeah right. Like I follow anyone's rules. So, if you want me to award you blog bling, you just leave it in the comments section and I'll send it your way!!

I made blueberry freezer jam last night. Talk about yummy and easy! I put it on my toast this morning...success!! I've got more berries, so I may be making another round of it today. Maybe I need to throw some bread into the bread machine too, that would go well with the jam. Or maybe some cheesecake....the list goes on...

OH and I won a pay it forward giveaway!!! OH YEAH BABY!!! Bring on the goodies. Click here to see what Michelle is going to send me (and I can't about generous!).

So have a happy Saturday. Mr. Tall and I are going to the Rose City Rollers for a long awaited date night. Bring on the violence people. I've never been so I'm not really sure what to expect, but I'm sure it'll be lots of fun!!

OH! And I almost forgot...go over to Mommies United and enter to win this spectactular giveaway!