Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Winners

November 9-15, 2008

Here is my week in very birthday party filled week.....

Birthday Party at Sally's for her daughter.

Amazing cake Sally made.

Another birthday party....this one at the beach for Abby.

Isn't Abby silly?
Shorty at Seaside's Beach...oh how I miss living the beach....

She loves the beach...especially chasing seagulls.
Ahh....Tillamook HeadYes, a THIRD birthday this week...this time it's Quinn.

Barbie homicide?
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Mishelle Lane said...

I love the Mercy song that loads..


With that, great set of so much that last shot!

"Yeah, yeah, got me begging you for mercy..."

Corina - Down to Earth Mama said...

That last one made me laugh. The cake was cute. The beach shots are great!

Devoted Mama said...

What a busy party week! That Barbie cake is amazing~that's real talent right there ;) The beach pics look so peaceful. ROFLMAO @ the last one!