Monday, November 10, 2008

Sugar + Short People = CHAOS

Ok, so I think the title of my post today about sums it up. Sugar and short people is a bad horrible idea. Let me tell you about Sunday's birthday party. So my good friend Sally's daughter, Nicole was having her fourth birthday party and Little Miss Shorty McShort was invited. Pizza and cake at noon. Fantastic, it'll be fun Shorty loves a good party...especially one that involves cake.

So we get there and things are fairly mellow. Kids are playing and more kids arrive. All is harmonious. Sally is cooking pizza with her handy sidekick Todd. It's lovely. I'm sipping my Dt. Coke and enjoying a blissful moment. We eat a little lunch and the kids play some more.

Cue the cake. (Isn't it lurvley? Sally crafted it herself. Can you believe her cake decorating skills?) Seriously...I was impressed people. Watch out Martha, Sally is making cakes these days.

is this not the cutest cake?!

So...we sing, yadda yadda, kids enjoy cake, some enjoy a second piece of cake (oh god could you?!). Kids get cleaned up and continue to play some more...time lapses a good 20 minutes and all hell breaks loose. Kids are screaming, crying and fighting over toys. Sally's youngest, whom I will now refer to as "chompers" is trying to bite kids...truly, all hell has broken loose. Oh, and Shorty kicked a little girl...not sure what that was all about.

After about twenty minutes of this the party starts to break up (thank god!). We finally leave and Shorty opens her gifty bag in the car. She starts blowing her blow toy (after I asked her to be quiet due to my pounding head). I ask her to stop and warn her if she does it again I'll throw it away. Can you guess what she did like ten seconds later? Yup...blew the damn toy. I took it. She bawled. The. Whole. Way. Home. We live 15 minutes from Sally's.

It had to be the sugar....or maybe it was just the tipping point of them getting along and Shorty's nice manners. I don't know, but all I know is I wish I had a xanax (not that I've had one, but certain friends have told me how relaxing these babies can be), because I was pretty wound up and my head was pounding by the time we left. Went home and sent Shorty to her room for some "quiet time".

I sat down and relaxed and felt much better after rehashing it with Mr. Tall Man. Then I ran some errands and did some Target-Therapy. I bought a new crock pot...mine has a crack and one just like it was on sale for 20 bucks. Can't beat a deal like that. The Cadillac version was also on sale for 40 bucks. Shockingly, I made a good decision. I also bought Jen's gifty for my PIF giveaway. If she hates it she can return it, since I was with-it enough to request a gift receipt. Yahoo me!

So, today I'm off to staff development and then to Astoria to visit some good friends and enjoy yet another birthday party. Please God, let this one be quieter.


Liane said...

Astoria sounds fun, um wet, um fun! Say hi to the friends from us! Big hugs.