Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Night Before Thanksgiving-EDITED

So today I'm going to try my hand at some poetry. Please be gentle on me.

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving when all through the nation
women are preparing for the next day's grand occasion.

The salads were made,
the turkeys were stuffed,
two or three desserts, it's more than enough!

Dishes to be washed, no help to be had
those lazy men are just bad.

Then what to forgetful her over-taxed brain did enter?

Ok. I'm done. My head hurts and I have no more. Please, finish the damn thing for me. Leave it in the comments. K? Thanks. Bye.

Ok, duh....why didn't I just google to find a freaking poem?! So here is a great one I found over here:

'Twas the Night before Thanksgiving and all through the house
Mom was at the stove stirring and splattered her blouse.

The kids were in their beds, tucked in with care
while mom was in the kitchen, ready to pull out her hair.

The turkey, still frozen, sat in the sink
And all she could think of was "I need a drink."

The potatoes, cranberry sauce and the punch that was spiked
And the green bean with onion stuff that nobody liked,

All sat ready, in the fridge peacefully
And mom’s next thought was "I could really use some sleep."

But not yet, because though the food was prepared
Now the house had to be cleaned - except for upstairs.

So she scrubbed and she dusted up high and down low,
But she smartly skipped anything that wouldn't show.

Toward midnight it was, and tired was she
After prepping the meal and cleaning - Yippee!

For now it was time to get a little sleep
She was tired enough, no need to count sheep.

Because in a few short hours, the chaos would begin
And she would then know if she really did win.

When she sees the smiles and hears the laughter flow
Then, and only then, will she know

That even though a mom works harder than most
It is worth it when you are known as the host

That makes sure her family and her guests have their fun
And good food to eat when her work is done.

But she better sit down and have a glass of wine
Because she'll do it all again in a short month's time.