Saturday, November 8, 2008

We Have A Winnah!!!

Congrats Jen over at Mama Mia! (the reason I got into blogging, come to think of it) you are the winnah of my PIF giveaway. Consider yourself soon to be gifted upon. Thank you to the 9 people that entered :) You're all fabulous. If only I was a lawyer or doctor I could gift upon you all. Or if I won the lottery....even a measley $30 bucks would be enough for a little some-thing something, ya know? (cheap shot, huh Jen?) tee hee hee hee (sorry peeps for the inside joke...jen won a scratch ticket or two and was the only person who won ticket was big fat nothing!)

Seriously though. Yahoo for Jen. She's assured me that she's going to blog all about her grand winnings and pay it forward. When she does I'll totally link it here so you can all go enter her giveaway! Now go enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I'm going to read or go play with my new iRoomba.


CAQuincy said...

Guess what?! You just won MY PIF today! Yay!

Email me at caquincy AT yahoo DOT com, so I can get your address to send your giftie (um, when I get the time!).

Anything in particular you're just dying for that I could stick in there--um, within reason, of course. :-)