Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Saturday

So it's Saturday again. Bleh. One would think I look forward to Saturday, but not so much. I was woke up this morning by Yeller McShort at 6:30 am. Thank. You. Very. Much. All I wanna do is stuff a sock in your mouth and spank you on the bottom.

9:30 ballet class. Not bad, but not "mommy time" either.

10:30 play date. Nice to catch up and visit with my gal pal while the short people entertained each other.

2:30 "rest" time for Sleepy McShort who never slows down enough to sleep because she's too busy running to the stop of the stairs and yelling, "is rest time over yet"? during which time I'm madly trying to finish up the last bit of stuff for my distance writing course, since I have report cards to deal with next week and the stuff for class is due by the end of the month. Argh.

3:30 I've given up on finishing any work and am here writing about my day. I'm dreaming of getting away and getting a pedicure of my nails done. A glass of wine. That'd be nice. Where is my genie with three wishes when I need him? Heck, I'd even settle for an empty house where I could sip cocoa and read my book (I just started Love in the Time of Cholera). But I don't think that is going to happen. No. It's not. Oh well. I'll have peace and quiet when I'm dead, right?


Liane said...

Sorry, big hugs to you!

edbteach said...

I know just how you feel. Grades were due this week for us - along with perfect attendance list, 5A Club list, Remarkable Roadrunner list, etc. etc. etc

Thank goodness we have the whole week off for Thanksgiving!

(But I plan on going in to work at least for a couple of those days. Sigh . . . )