Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Kind of Panties Are You?

You Are Basic Panties

You are a laid back chick with a real natural beauty.

You can make unwashed hair and minimal make-up super sexy.

Men tend to notice you show the "real you" - and they appreciate it.

And while basic makes boring for some, it looks classic on you.

What Kind of Panties Are You?

So I'm not so sure at how accurate this pantie post is, but I thought it was funny. And given today's events, I just need some "funny" in my life (at least I think).

Today is my day to have the kids and by the sounds of it, they were all serious turds for Shari on Tuesday (the day she's got 'em all and she braved the zoo with them). I am hoping for better today. We've got dance camp to go to this morning and then I think we'll do the library then home for lunch. After that we'll see what the plan is. Possibly a park visit, maybe some slip and slide action, and if need be, everyone goes to a separate room. I hope the day doesn't come to that though. Really.

So, say a prayer and send the good "get along vibes" my way!


Mama Mia! said...

I am "Designer Panties." Outstanding.

"You demand the best, from head to toe. And your panties have to be pure couture, for your own luxury.
Men feel like you're a worthy challenge, though you can be difficult to catch. You exude a polished, sexy vibe that tends to attract confident men."

Whimsy said...

Basic Panties, reporting for duty.

I don't think I've ever said those words together in a sentence in my entire life.