Friday, July 25, 2008

Haiku Friday

Garage Sale Today!
So much work to get ready
Bring on the sales NOW!!!!

So much going on.
August is almost here now...
Back to school soon.

College class next week
get my brain all a-thinking
mentally ready

must remember to
enjoy each and every
moment that I have

live with intention
be thankful, grateful, loving
time to be thoughtful

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LoriB said...

Have a great sale janelle! sorry i didn't join you. :( If you save your stuff I can do one down here in a few weeks. Hope you had fun at the park.

monica @ transplanting me said...

hope your garage sale goes well!! and i love that last stanza. i so need to do that.

maggies mind said...

Yay for garage sales! I'm having trouble believing we are already so close to August, but I *love* the last lines. So perfect.