Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Dance Are You?

You Are Break Dancing

You are a rebel and a rule breaker.

You are uniquely you, and you expressing your individuality.

And while you're different and a bit weird, you're no slacker.

You're extremely hard working. Having unusual talents is not as easy as it looks!

What Dance Are You?

Ok, now that I have that outta the way...I really have nothing much to say. It's been a day full of fun with Shorty movie, free music at the park and free pool time at our house. Guess it's not all free considering we have to drive there and then pay to park. Hmm.... now I'm thinking. Yeah. It's still like basically free. Nuff said.

So I've been anxiously checking my mail like 10 times a day awaiting the arrival of the Pay It Forward Giveaway I won...not today. Maybe tomorrow. I did, however receive a book in the mail through Bookmooch. It's my new favorite booksite. Really, go check it out if you have books to get rid of and books you really want to read.

Enjoy the sun. I'm off.


Melynda said...

i was the tango, who knew!!!