Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Joys of Motherhood!

Motherhood has it's moments, doesn't it? Yesterday held just one more of those "special moments" for me. I know I mentioned that little Miss Shorty McShort had a dental appointment. Actually, we all had appointments to get our teeth cleaned. You know, a family that gets their teeth cleaned together, stays together. (tee hee hee) Anyhow. Speaking of cleaning teeth.

I was feeling a bit nervous due to the fact that Shorty herself was a total turd when we went last time in January. She was completely unwilling to let the lady look at her teeth. Yup, locked her lips shut tight. No chance. Fine I thought. Let your teeth rot you little turd. And we moved on with life and Mr. Tall and I proceeded to have our teeth picked at and poked at and scraped upon beautifully shined and cleaned.

I was worried that this appointment would replicate the last. She and I had a talk that went something like this:
me: so Shorty, you know our dentist visit is coming up
her: waaaaaaaaaaah, I don't like the dentist
me: yah, well, it's neither a good or bad thing, it's just something we do to take care of our teeth
her: whining of some sort, grumbles about how she hates the dentist

See why I was worried?!

So we arrive (on time, thankyouverymuch) and sit down to wait because the guy before us got there late (Mr. Tall). I wanted to read Time, but Shorty wanted me to read a book to her. Fine. No worries. Just keep her happy until she gets in the chair and opens her mouth.

Our turn. She hesitantly gets in the chair. The (very nice lady) shows her all of her tools. I pretend to be interested and ask to touch. (hoping this will spark some interest) The lady gives her a choice of flavors of fluoride (I think that is what they put all over your teeth) and then counts her teeth. (a warm up I think to get her fingers in her mouth. And you know what? She cooperated. Fully cooperated. I almost fell over! Here is proof.
So then it was my turn. Nothing exciting except for when Miss Short is finished and joins me in my room while I finish up. She says, "I have to potty". The dental hygienist asks me if she does and I'm like, "no". We just went when we got here. So Shorty paces the room a few times, stops, and then the hygienist says, "she doesn't have to go anymore". Initially I'm thinking, "huh?"

Yeah, Shorty peed all over her feet (and floor). Nice. Thank god we had her leotard from dance class. I cleaned up the floor, her feet and shoes the best I could. She changed clothes and I got my teeth finished. I thought, oh, they were pretty cool about this....until the dentist came in and knew what had happened and then the receptionist knew what had happened when we left. Ok, why didn't they just broadcast it? Anyhow. Such is life.

We're headed to dance class and then Shorty goes to my friend's house for the day. I have lots to accomplish too.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I can't stop giggling picturing Shorty McShort peeing while you are getting your teeth cleaned! Thanks for making me laugh today! Kaite

Whimsy said...

I love the sunglasses. Everyone wants to look like a movie star when they have someone's fingers in their mouth.

Jane said...

Thanks for the laugh! I can just imagine this. I think anyone with kids can. Gotta love 'em.