Monday, July 14, 2008

Coming Up With Nothing

So I've really got nothing today...whenever this happens I think...I really need to keep a writers' notebook. Like I see interesting things ALL the time and I think, I should blog that. But then I don't write it down and promptly forget. Yeah. That's me. Super Bad Memory Girl.

So maybe I'll start one tomorrow. I have a "fun" commute that will most likely take me ten years because of traffic. I'm sure I'll see lots of things that are blog worthy. Heck it's even possible that the class I'm taking will provide some blog worthy content. Time will tell.

Still no package in the Pay It Forward Giveaway I won. I'm having faith that when I get home tomorrow my mail box will show me some love and have goodies for me. And if not, I'll just piss and whine some more here until it shows up. (hee hee) Did I mention I have a problem being patient where gifts and fun surprises are involved? Yeah. I do. I'm also Super Impatient Ruiner of ALL Surprises Girl. Just ask Mr. Tall Man or my mom or anyone who knows me.

So. If you've not signed up in my Pay It Forward Giveaway yet, click here (there are a lot of you who've not entered as I have only 19 people who entered so far) And if you're wondering how my VERY pregnant friend is, click here.


Caine said...

Yeah...just try and come home from the store with a gift for her that you want to "put up" for later (Like her birthday, anniversary, or Xmas). Good Luck.