Monday, July 21, 2008

AAAAAAnnnnnnnndddddd the winner is......

This is the plate of cookies I baked for my hear husband to take to his store meeting last night. Aren't I a good wife? I many wives make cookies for a meeting for their husband's staff? Ok, I just had a craving for cookies. AND I like to be helpful. AND I know that meetings and food go together well :) End. Of. Story.
So Shorty McShort and I used a VERY highly scientific method to choose our winner. Uh huh. Yeah, I printed all of the comments and then cut them apart. Shorty found the hat (another China gift from Grammy). Seriously, cutting the damn things took me waaaaay longer than I thought it would. Like my red printed jammy pants? I thought so.
I put all the entries (like 40-something of them, thanks to all my loyal and devoted contest hungry, I wanna win readers. I really did enjoy reading all your thoughts on life. Honest.
Then Shorty shook up the hat a bit. Ok, she swung it a bit. Close enough, don't ya think?! And you can see she's straight outta bed, no combed hair or nothing. Just veggin' in front of the boob tube. Thank you God for PBS!
And then I said, "enough swinging, I'm getting dizzy already. Just pick a winner already!" Ok, I probably wasn't that harsh...I had already had a cup of coffee. And she picked janetfaye. This is Shorty dancing for the winner. "Yahoo Janet", she sang! Ok, not really...she was more like, WTF? Who is Janet and why is my mom making me do this while she takes endless pictures?
And then I sent Janet an email and she got back to me VERY promptly. (have I mentioned that I started this blog post at 7:32am?)'s been a busy day. Janet is working on starting a blog and is looking forward to hosting her own contest. She'll keep us all updated. I promise to pass on what I find out. I also promised her I'd get her package in the mail on Tuesday. If Tuesday is anything like Monday, it may not go out until Wednesday. Did I mention I'm having a garage sale this weekend too? Oh yeah. And Shorty McShort has dance camp this week. And we went to the dentist today and played with friends. WHEW! More updates tomorrow and a story about our dentist visit.

p.s. Remember my friend Heather who is SUPREMELY pregnant carrying twins? go check her out here. Poor girl. I can't wait for her to have those babies!!!


janetfaye said...

Shorty you are so beautiful!!

Keep dancing and have fun :)

Thank you for picking my name, I feel so lucky!