Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Fun

I know I'm late posting today, but I'm just having waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun with three, yes, three short people. We'll call them Shorty McShort, Shorty McSweet and Quiet McShort. "Why do you have 3 short people today?", you ask. Well, my gal pal Shari and I decided to swap childcare this summer. So, she takes my Shorty McShort one day and I take her Shorty McSweet and Quiet McShort one day. We both get time to do our own thing. It's a win-win situation. She does have one more child, but he's a grown up third grader and playing with "little girls" isn't really his choice of fun. So he gets special time with mom and everybody's mental health is improved through time away from their lovely chilins.

I didn't actually get mental health time this week as I was taking a class this week on my "day off". Oh well, the class was also a chance to have mental health time with other adults. AND a great class to boot! (Hi Holly & Jayne if you actually stopped by and are reading this) the short people have been baking cookies, making princess crowns and wands and slippin and sliding on the new slip and slide. OH and swinging on our new swing. And my McShort has been crabby and whiney and an all-around PITA! (I guess that's the whole she's an only child thing....argh...I love her so much, but hate to see how she treats the other girls sometimes...just so bossy!) They do have lots of fun though.

Here are some pictures:
Shorty McShort, Shorty McSweet & Quiet McShort

Quiet McShort

"The Swing" (it's already provided hours of enjoyment
Shorty McSweet & Shorty McShort

Quiet McShort
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