Friday, July 18, 2008

Haiku Friday

I've got a contest!
So far 34 entries...
Pleeeeeeease go enter now.

I won't feel like a
loser who can only get

Gimmee some blog love
then tell your friends to love me
too. please please please please

How was that for sad and pathetic. Really people...the gift will be absolutely thrilling. Did I mention I'm still waiting for my the Pay it Forward I won? I'm starting to lose faith that it's actually coming. Maybe that is why I'm BEGGING you to go enter my giveaway!!!


maggies mind said...

OK, 35 entries now. :)

McMama said...

hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I entered your contest, but for the record, your second link there doesn't work!

Maestra Jen said...

I just entered your contest and left a comment. thanks!

Just wanted to say thank you for commenting on our product giveaway ( Bilingual Fun) w/ I appreciate your interest. If you are interested in more info about language learning, feel free to sign up for our newsletter ( We often do giveaways as well. :)