Wednesday, April 30, 2008


WARNING!!! Serious rant will follow, not for the weak of heart or easily offended

Letter to the jackass idiots at Best Buy...
Hi, I'm an irate customer of know, the one who has been in the store TWICE and on the phone with you regarding her dead laptop. Yeah, you know, the one who had to get help to diagnose her computer's problem, the one you couldn't wouldn't aren't smart enough to help out. Yeah, you know told me first on the phone to bring my machine in and the geek squad could run diagnostics...yeah, NOT SO MUCH...that "isn't covered under standard warrenty"...I needed to figure out the problem so that they could "act as the shipping agent later and send to Acer". So I called my brother in law, thank GOD for him. He figured out it was the mother board. Toast, fried...not gonna work, need to have Acer deal with it. Great, so at least I know what the hell is going on. I think, ok...time to go back to Best Buy and have the Geek Squad ship it out...$35 bucks to have them ship it for me(never mentioned to the first geek I talked to), but if I call Acer they'll just drop ship a box to my door. The closest service center is in San Jose. Oh yeah, and did I mention it took the idiot 10 minutes to find the freaking phone number for Acer?!

Ok, fine, I"ll save myself some cash and call Acer to get the box. Ship it myself I think. Uh huh, I call Acer today....Roger answers my call. Roger listens patiently to my story and then tells me that I need to take it to the closest Best Buy as they are a service center for Acer. WTF?! I then literally go off on Roger and tell him the story above. He apologizes and says well, maybe you want to call Best Buy first.

Hrmff....I call Best Buy and as nicely as I can through gritted teeth I tell the young lady that answered the phone the story and what I need is for her to connect me to a person who can help me. Basically if she has the ablity to read between the lines she should have heard, "crazy lady is really pissed off, get help stat!!!" But she didn't. She had the nerve to tell me the person I needed was busy and I should call back. I said I needed him to call me back as I was a teacher and on my lunch break and I had only 20 minutes left of it. She said she'd "make sure he understood that". Yeah, right.....15 minutes later and here I freaking phone call. I'm annoyed BEYOND all belief. Good thing my amazing student teacher is teaching today. I actually think steam is coming out of my ears.

I'm off to call a different Best Buy. Screw Mr. Asshole for not calling me back.