Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not In the Mood

My name is Janelle and it's been two days since I blogged.

There I said it.

I honestly mean to blog something but nothing is coming to me. At least nothing I wanna or feel like sharing. So I shall just ramble.

Today was my annual exam. It was fine. My doctor is pregnant. I meant to ask her who her baby doctor is but I forgot....oh well. So when you're a baby doctor like WHO do you see and HOW do you choose?

My short person is making bedtime hell lately. Anyone have any tips on how to keep her IN BED for more than 2 minutes? It's almost 9pm and she's still awake (we put her down around 7:30-8. She comes up with plethora of reasons she "needs" us:
*I'm scared

*I need a drink

*I want my princess net down

*My tummy hurts

*I need another hug and kiss

It's like endless....I'm seriously soooooooooo fed up that the last trip I made (5 min. ago) I threatened to take away her night lights (yes, she has TWO of them) and close her door if I hear even ONE MORE SOUND. Dear God, it's a calgon night.....no wonder we have only one. I can't imagaine have 2 or 3 or 6 of them doing this. Like, Kate (from Kate and Jon Plus 8, or whatever). How the HELL does she do it? I'd slit my wrists, honestly I would!

My student teacher (the BEST student teacher in the entire world) is currently doing her solo teaching....which means I'm officially kicked outta my room. It's been interesting. At first I was like, yah, this will be a blast. But now it's like I have a new job that consists of finding work to keep me busy outta my our classroom. I've been busy working with students who didn't pass the Oregon State Assessment (thanks a lot George W. Bush for NCLB). What a waste of time and resources we spend testing and retesting kids. It kinda pisses me off. Don't get me wrong...I don't mind taking them to do the test again, I don't. It's just so stupid. Why are we taking these kids out of class to make them take a test that takes 2 to 4 hours of their learning time away? Seems so dumb....BUT, if our school doesn't have a high enough percentage of kids that pass the test it puts us in jeopardy of not making AYP. Uck....I should stop now or this will turn into a full on rant.

So I think I'll just leave on that note. I'm going to get in bed and read for a bit.


dale rapid said...

I know this isn't a practical thing but I fell asleep with Hallie in her bed until she was like 9 or 10. Eventually she wanted to do it all herself.

She always gets a snack before bed if she wants it, too.. I heard that carbs increase the seratonin in your brain, which helps you sleep.

Just some thoughts.

dale rapid said...

and I did write a blog and give you a shoutout.

Come see!

Liane said...

OK, you are 'supposed to put her down once' tell her that you are not coming back, and then don't go back. It is hell the first few nights, but later it works.

Got some advice on how to make my 13yo not be such a PITA?

Jen said...

My parenting role model, Super Nanny did a bit on keeping kids in bed with, I think, one of the Wilson sisters' kids. (Not Carnie - the other one). Being that all I have to do is put my kid in her little cage of a bed & she has no method for getting out (yet) & I have no frame of reference of my own, I will share with you what Jo-Jo, my hero says...

1. First time the child gets up, Jo-Jo says "No Darling its bedtime." Then take by the hand & lead kid back to bed. Pretty sure use of the pet name "darling" is critical here.
2. Second time, just "Its bedtime," take kid by the hand & lead them back to bed.
3. Every other time after the first two, Jo-Jo just silently drags them back to bed by the hand giving no special attention whatsoever.

Simple enough for a woman who isn't the actual parent of these kids, but according to the contents of the show the problem is solved within an hour. I mean, AN HOUR, how can you go wrong?? ;)

Jane said...

Hmm...maybe the baby doctor uses themselves and a "handy dandy mirror". :-)

Good luck on the bedtime thing. Our oldest was easy. The youngest is still a PITA to get to go to bed.

I heard a thing on the radio from this parenting guru that made me laugh SO hard. Basically his thing is you take the power away from the children. This mom is telling her "war story" of using his techniques. She said she stopped at McD's and while standing in line the kids started fussing - so she left without buying anything. The kids progressed to start crying and yelling and she ignored them. In the car she blasted the radio so she didn't have to hear them. By the time she got home only the youngest was still crying. So she carried the youngest (I want to say 4 years old?) through the house and out the back door. Set her on the porch - closed the door and left her out there screaming. Then she made lunch for the kids and when the little one stopped crying she opened the door and let her in to eat. Later that night she put the kids to bed. The youngest started screaming again so she told her husband "I think I'm going to put x out on the porch again" and he replied "I think I'll help". So they went up and got the girl and sat her on the back porch. Within 2 seconds the little girl timidly knocked on the back door and promised she would go straight to bed and not cry. And she did.

I just cracked up about the little talk the parents had. But, hey, it worked. I haven't tried the method yet. I just go yell at mine and threaten to take away the internet.