Sunday, April 13, 2008

Haiku Sunday?!

Ok, so I've been busy, but am itching to do my weekly haiku. So............I've decided today if Haiku with me, ok?

such a busy week
where the hell does the time go
need an assistant
report cards to do
parent conferences next week
long days to prep for
amazing writing teacher
workshop on wednesday
i'm so excited
i get to go hear her speak
i will leave smarter
had girls' night last night
pedis, games, and so much fun
just for the mommies
headache this morning
only had one little drink
oh my god i'm old
up at six-thirty
gotta love the short person
coffee and cartoons
need to go shopping
grocery game list rules
clip coupons and shop
birthday party too
three o'clock today, YAHOO!
we shall all eat cake
need motivation
gotta get off of the couch
yes! i can do it...
Ok, I REALLY love the grocery game. If you should decided to try it out, please use my e-mail as a referral (I get goodies for referrals).
AND, I changed fonts cuz none of my spaces were showing when i previewed the post...if anyone can help me with this issue, i'd be thankful!!!!


Liane said...

WOW, you are getting good at the Haiku! Great job.