Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Liane

In honor of my good friend Liane's birthday, my blog post today shall be devoted to her. She got all snarky about my post yesterday...I guess a pregnant man just didn't do it for her. She said, "post a pic of your short person"....I wanted to reply to her with fack off or something else equally nasty, but I couldn' least not on her BIRTHDAY! So a pic for Liane's birthday and a little limerick for her.

There once were a couple of gals
They were the greatest of pals
Until one criticized the other's blog,
she must have been in some sort of fog.
For after it an apology to give, she shall.

Ta da! I'm such a great good wanna be poet :)

So here is a limerick I found's what I'd like to do after a rough day in my classroom.
There once was a lady in the staffroom
who found a long and thin broom
she waved it about
with a scream and a shout
and cleaned up the whole of her classroom.
I think I should quit now, huh? This is really going nowhere at this point. So I leave you with this reminder....tomorrow is

and my student teacher is doing her solo teaching right now....I think I'll have some time to work on something REALLY good....


Liane said...

YEA! The short person! Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes! Sorry I was snarky. I do love you much! Me