Friday, May 2, 2008

Haiku I'm SOOOOO Glad It's Friday

What a week its been
can't take much more I don' think
drink and go to bed

'puter is shipped off
gone to Acer finally
$27 bucks

bargaining also
an interesting process
major poker game

versus the teachers' union
who will win the most

to mediation
that is what it's looking like
I really hope not

music concert also
third graders did a nice job
they sang so nicely

so many late nights
will sleep my weekend away
at least I hope so

next week looks crazy
to Dallas Caine goes Monday
single motherhood


Liane said...

Haiku Friday..... Wow, yep, you really did it?

Lori said...

Hope next week is a better one for you Janelle!

Melynda said...

Little Acer, come back please come back!!!