Monday, April 28, 2008


It's Monday...I loveloathe Mondays. I'm not sure what it is...maybe it's just the getting back into the grind of things and not being able to sit and drink coffee for a couple hours. Or maybe it could be 27 third graders looking to me for guidance. I don't know, I just know I really hate Mondays. I always feel sluggish and tired. I have a hard time remembering my routine and when I arrive at work I discover a load of crap I forgot that I needed to do and then feel overwhelmed for the week. It's not that I am feeling overwhelmed today, because believe me, I'm NOT. I have the world's best student teacher who has everything under control.

Yet I am in a “mood” this morning. A sort of funk. It doesn't help that I'm sitting next to a sweet cherub who is taking the Oregon State Math Assessment for the second time. Poor girl is trying so hard, but doesn't understand the concepts at hand. I just want so badly to tell her the right answer, but that could mean me losing my teaching license. NOT a good idea and definitely NOT worth it.

Could my mood be due to the fact that I got more bad news regarding my laptop? Maybe I'm going through the stages of grief. I found out yesterday that it's NOT what we thought the problem was. My “personal geek”, Arron is now thinking that the mother board is toast. WHY ME?! I must cry. I went to Best Buy last night to let them ship it to Acer and have them deal with it, but upon my 7:25 arrival I discovered that they were CLOSED. Ok, who closes as 7pm? Give me a break...I guess I though the standard Sunday closing time was like 8pm. Whatever. Today I shall go after work and present them with the substandard piece of electronics I purchased from them. Then I'll be waiting a month on pins and needles wondering if my baby will be returned to me whole once again or a broken piece that I will be stuck with....wish me luck and please feel free to send cards...with cash...cuz right now I say SCREW Microsoft Vista and Acer and BRING on an Apple!!!!

On an up side, today I get to teach kinder club here at school. The flu has gotten a couple people at school and I am the lucky girl who is available. So...bring on the cute little kindergarteners, I can do ANYTHING for an hour. We'll be singing and dancing and reading wonderful literature. Probably some coloring and snack time too. Wish me luck and bring on the fun!!!


Lori said...

sorry for your "funk". I was in one of those pretty bad last week.

Awww, those kinders....maybe some of them will be your 1st graders in the fall! Eeks!

Jen said...

You brat! Are you teaching 1st grade next year and didn't tell me that you're LEAVING me??

On a different note, I'm sorry you had to ship your computer away to get fixed. That would drive me CRAZY!!

Liane said...

I say just give that cute kid the answers and get thrown out of the profession. Our society doesn't deserve a teacher like you, who cares about every single short person. Love you. Me

BOSSY said...

Sorry about the laptop... allow yourself all of the stages of Grieving.