Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Hard Drive Batman!!!

Ok, so I'm not sure exactly what that title even means, but it sums up (in nice words) my current laptop (which is barely 6 months old, which I had to buy because my laptop was STOLEN from my home...yes, we were burglarized in October...which is a topic for my blog on another day) POOPED OUT LAST NIGHT! OMG! OMG! OMG! If I didn't have my darling hubby's machine to use I'd be going insane.

I know it'd be UGLY.

Ugly like that lady screaming. I'm already screaming inside. My hubby's machine just isn't like my machine. He hates AOL so now I can't even IM my good friend Liane. And let's not even start to talk about all the amazing bookmarks on MY machine. If there is a computer god out there, please save my little girl. Ok, now I have gone a bit far. I know it's my fault for not backing up my stuff, but this isn't supposed to happen to me. I'm a nice gal, just minding my own business and all.

So yesterday I was updating my i tunes, and having a problem with the downloads. I tunes usually manages to screw with the router, forcing me to walk ALL the way upstairs to flip the switch and then go back downstairs to try again. After doing this a couple times yesterday I decided to just cord my laptop to the router so I wouldn't have to use the wireless signal. Well, hubby decided to help too, cuz I guess one of the video podcasts was crashing the router even corded up. After he got that all fixed he decided to be helpful and run a disk clean up...and that's when it screen...unable to boot it even in safe looks bleak for my girl.

Thankfully we have a brother in law who is a techie nerd. We dialed him up and he said he'd research it and call back in an hour. It's almost 24 hours later....SOS...I need help...hubbie is having cocktails with his new manager (go baby go, work that corporate ladder), the short person is with grandma (gotta love grammy who takes her every monday), and I'm sitting here blogging about my distress when I really should make something to eat and get some reading done for class.

Speaking of class, I'm reading Ellin Keene's new book, To Understand. Amazing is all I have to say. Wow!! Must read is all I have to say. If your child's teacher isn't reading it, give it to him/her as a gift!!! And I'm off now to go get my "teacher geek" on (read a professional book and then blather on about it to my hubby later).

If you have any ideas on my laptop, I'd love to hear 'em. And if you want to give me a laptop, I'd love to hear that too...especially if it's the mac air book :)

peace out


Liane said...

BIG HUGE GIANT hugs to you my dear friend! Love me!