Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flatulence....NOT For the Weak of Heart

Ok, so I had a burrito with pinto beans for lunch and garlic chicken pizza for dinner....need I say more? Thus the subject of my blog tonight. I have what HAS to be the world's WORST gas EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's scary when even you shock yourself, not to mention your family. So, as I thought about it I started to wonder and ask questions, like any life long learner does....right?! I started to wonder about flatulence and what it is. So I went to Wikipedia, where else does one go? This is what I discovered:

Flatus is expelled under pressure through the anus, whereby, as a result of the voluntary or involuntary relaxation of the anal sphincter, the rapid evacuation of gases from the lower intestine occurs. Essentially this happens when the flatus pressure inside the rectum exceeds the anal sphincter's ability to restrain it. Depending upon the relative state of the sphincter (relaxed/tense) and the positions of the buttocks, this often results in a crackling or trumpeting sound, but gas can also be passed quietly. The olfactory components of flatulence include skatole, indole, and sulfurous compounds.[1] The non-odorous gases are mainly nitrogen (ingested), carbon dioxide (produced by aerobic microbes or ingested), and hydrogen (produced by some microbes), as well as lesser amounts of oxygen (ingested) and methane (produced by anaerobic microbes).[2]

My favorite part is where it talks about the sound factor...the "trumpeting sound" line completely cracked me up! I would categorize my gas tonight as a trumpet...yes, it's that bad!

So I read on in Wikipedia and learned this:
As a normal body function, the action of flatulence is an important signal of normal bowel activity and hence is often documented by nursing staff following surgical or other treatment of patients. However, symptoms of excessive flatulence can indicate the presence of irritable bowel syndrome or some other organic disease. In particular, the sudden occurrence of excessive flatulence together with the onset of new symptoms provide reason for seeking further medical examination.
Flatulence is not poisonous; it is a natural component of various intestinal contents. However, discomfort may develop from the build-up of gas pressure. In theory, pathological distension of the bowel, leading to constipation, could result if a person holds in flatulence.
Not all flatus is released from the body via the anus. When the partial pressure of any gas component of the intestinal lumen is higher than its partial pressure in the blood, that component enters into the bloodstream of the intestinal wall by the process of diffusion. As the blood passes through the lungs this gas can diffuse back out of the blood and be exhaled. If a person holds in flatus during daytime, it will often be released during sleep when the body is relaxed. Some flatus can become trapped within the feces during its compaction and will exit the body, still contained within the fecal matter, during the process of defecation

I'm glad to know that it's actually a healthy thing. So, all I have to say is FART ON PEOPLE, let the gas goooooooooooooooooooo.

So I just kept reading on and found this:
In many cultures, human flatulence in public is regarded as embarrassing and repulsive, even to the point of being a taboo subject. People will often strain to hold in the passing of gas when in polite company, or position themselves to conceal the noise and smell. In other cultures it may be no more embarrassing than coughing. It is even a sign of happiness in some cultures.
While the act of passing flatus is generally considered to be an unfortunate occurrence in public settings, flatulence may, in casual circumstances, be used as either a humorous supplement to a joke, or as a comic activity in and of itself.
I wanna live in the culture where gas is a sign of happiness....anyone know where I can find that? If you do, please post it in my comments. I may just have to take a vacation there.

On another note, I'm watching Biggest Loser. Talk about AMAZING! I'm currently participating in the biggest loser at my school. We weigh in each Thursday. Last Thursday I lost 3 pounds. Wish me luck in the down direction...one more day to weigh in. (I'm following the Weight Watchers Flex Points Plan)

That's all....or maybe not....I MUST leave you with this video which contains a product that my husband and daughter would LOVE for me to have about now:

tee heee.....and if that wasn't enough....I have to throw this one in too:

Now, I'm done. Nighty night.


Lori said...

Janelle, I am SO offended, LOL

Kathryn said...

Wow! A whole long post about farts. You would fit in well at my house. ;)
I love The Biggest Loser. It is so inspiring. Good luck to you!

Thank you for commenting at my blog. I appreciate it!