Friday, April 18, 2008

Haiku Friday

Parent conferences
Make me a little nervous
10 years doing it

I always wonder
what is it they want to hear
good, bad, or ugly?

try for positive
not to dwell on negative
state just the facts, mam

I get frustrated
Parents I need to see most
Are the “no show-ers”

No time to call them
No time to reschedule them
Just not enough time

On another note...
I am the Biggest Loser
this week at school

four pounds gone this week
seven pounds altogether
Weight Watchers plan works

Now, go give some blogger love to the other Haiku Friday gals at Playgroups are No Place for Children


Kathryn said...

Yeah for you, ya big loser! That is awesome news!
I always wondered if teachers were nervous for the conferences. I would be if I were a teacher. How do you go about telling a parent that their child is a rotten little turd?
Great haiku!

Liane said...

ROCK ON you big loser you!

Joyce said...

Yay for teachers! They work so hard and put up with so much. I really admire the 6th grade teachers and the special ed teacher with whom I work as a paraeducator. They really care about the kids, even the ones who are royal pains. :P

tumblewords said...

I can hardly imagine being a teacher at this time...Congrats on your loss!

Anonymous said...

Great Haiku and way to go on the four pounds. WW really does work!

Jen said...

Omg! You were the biggest loser last week? Awesome! Congrats!!

And I am sooooo glad I was on leave for conferences! lol!