Monday, December 15, 2008

"Snow" Day

Today was a snow day for me. Yeah. No snow here in "the 'couve" though. I was able to hit the grocery store and Michael's. Yeah. I finished off three scarves I'd made and did some baking. Did I get my school work stuff done? Not so much. Maybe later. I just got a text message that tomorrow is a two-hour late start day and the weather guys are saying that we'll get more snow Wednesday. What an interesting week.

Here are the chocolate dipped macaroons I made. Delicious, but really sweet!
And here are the caramels I made. Yummy, yummy, yummy! I only cooked them for 11 minutes though. Had I cooked them any longer they would have been toffee I think. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Pampered Chef stoneware?
All wrapped and ready to go!
Oh and did I mention that my computer is shocking me? Yeah. I'm worried. The one year warranty is over and last time it was shocking me like this it died. Yeah. Fried mother board. Not good. All memory was lost. It really sucked and Best Buy really pissed me off. You can read all about it here or here or here or here.

Ok, it's really shocking me now...I've said way more f-bombs than you can imagine and I'm now getting afraid to touch this stupid machine. Dammit!


Christa said...

Those caramels look so good! I might have to make some.

Jill said...

Evil, I tell you...

Melynda said...

I ate my macaroon as soon as I got back home, delicious. I did leave the two sent home for papa.

I have always wanted to perfect candy making. Maybe now would be a good time to start, your caramels look great!

Sue said...

Yummmmmmm caramels. Notsomuch macaroons!

May have to try those caramels. AFTER the holidays!

Devoted Mama said...

Wow, you got alot done! Those macaroons look delish & the caramels look good.

Good luck w/your computer issues! I can relate~my oldest son (13) has been doing his myspace junk (& I don't say that lightly!) on my computer because he fried his computer in his room. Mine has been acting up! IT SUCKS! But, in 9 more days, that issue will be resolved~we got him a laptop from Santa. Got a GREAT deal from WalMart~a Compac laptop for $298 plus tax!

One more thing~to answer your question about my tree~yes, we go to a local tree farm every year & find "the perfect tree" :) Thanks for the compliments about our tree & lights & decorations :)

I have a quick ? for you~how do you get the snow on your blog? One of the blogs I read has it & I asked her about it & she said it is a premade template from Wordpress & I told her blogger didn't have those. So, I was just wondering how you get snow on yours? :)

Have fun w/the snow :)