Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Lovin' McShort

So Mr. Tall and I took Shorty to see Santa tonight. Her excitement was palpable. We arrived at the mall around 5:30 and Shorty chanted all through the mall, "where is Santa?". Unfortunately when we arrived at Santa's area he was out feeding his reindeer. I was sure Shorty would break down, but she took it all in stride.

We went upstairs and had a very healthful dinner at Taco Time. Yeah. Love those crisp meat burritos and tots. Mmmmmmm good!!

So after dinner we headed down to see Santa. We waited in line for 15 minutes. It was fun to see all these adults perpetuating the lie that surrounds Santa. Shorty was so excited to see Santa that she even brought him stickers. He politely re gifted them back to her. He said that Santa could do that. I don't think she got it. I wish he would have just put them in his pocket and said thanks. Oh well. He's a darling Santa and so sweet with all the kids.

If I can find the picture of Shorty screaming in Santa's arms a couple years ago I'll post it too. Last year we couldn't even get her to stand by him. Kids are so funny. Tonight we saw a few criers and screamers too.


Lori said...

I love that Santa too. Sophie was a little nervous at first, but he started talking to her and was really sweet and friendly and totally felt at ease with him after that.

Olivia is SO grown up! When did THAT happen?? said...

I always feel bad for the kids who are screaming when they see Santa and the parents still make them (yes, guilty of that here) - when you think about it it's such a weird thing to force them to do, lol - but I think it's absolutely worth it to see the pics!

Seriously, better than chocolate.

Cute photo!

Christa said...

That picture is very cute!