Thursday, May 15, 2008

SHE'S BACK, but................

Ok, she's FINALLY back. My lil acer, as my mother in law so cutely named her. She's back in my arms. Oh, how I've missed her so very much!!! She's back, but she's got a MAJOR MEMORY PROBLEM!!! The computer gods are completely against me I've decided. She came back with all new guts, from what I can tell. Either that or the computer doctors are just mean and cruel and decided to wipe her brain clean just to spite me. I choose to hope that is not the case.

I'm just so excited to have MY computer back. Yes, she needs her extra ram put in before she's running at lightning speed again, but she's here. I've already read a few of my favorite blogs. Oh how I've missed Bossy and Cookiebitch and Mama Mia and Liane and Pioneer Woman and Redneck Mommy and so many more...I'm only 563 posts behind (and I actually read a few while lil acer was at the doctor's office).

I'm so loving having my lil girl back home. She's back just in time to go to Puyallup with me. I'm headed there for a stamping and scrapbooking show with my friend Liane. I'm going to help her with her booth. It should be fun and all so much better with my lil acer to go on the adventure with me!

Tomorrow is Haiku Friday and I'm already pondering what I'll say. I'm just so excited to be back!!!



Melynda said...

Welcome home Lil Acer, glad your back!