Monday, December 22, 2008


Ok, so if I haven't said it yet....I'M SO SICK OF ICE AND SNOW! I'm not going out today if I can help it. Yeah, that means I'm NOT going out to give blood (I'll just have to reschedule) and I'm NOT going to get a pedicure (waaaaaaaahhhhhhh). Pfffft.....

There, I said it. Now weather gods, please hear me and make a change! I promise not to complain on the next hot day. You know, like the heat wave we had this summer? Yeah, when I tried to pop popcorn in my car? Yeah. No. More. Complaining. Serious.

So now that we're done with all that...we got more snow yesterday and then today it was snowing when I woke up and looked like it had snowed a lot through the night. Everything has a covering of ice and snow this morning. It's still 22 degrees and I'm sick of it. Here are some pictures I took yesterday.

more peaceful fucking snow falling

see the ice?

ice covered wisteria


crunching through the ice covered snow

ice covered blueberry bushes

ice covered hedges
No more ice. No more snow. Please.


Sue said...

You need to go harvest that ice to help keep your holiday drinky-poo chilled!

Leigh Anne said...

This is some crazy shit, no kidding! We had the crunchy ice in the morning, but then so much more came down on top that it is snow again! AND IT IS STILL SNOWING!!

Jill said...

I was jealous for a day or two, now I feel bad for you. You should just use this time to scrap. Or drink. I found out on my way to Kuwait in 2003 that if you stick a bottle of wine in a snow bank and have a snowball fight, when the fight is over the wine is perfect for drinking!

Liane said...

Yep, that is what my house looks like too! Where is the garbage can? LOL

Mama Mia! said...

Oy - this all needs to stop! I'm missing valuable weekday social outings! But seriously, we went out yesterday b/c Emma had her 1 year appt with the doctor, and once we were out of our neighborhood on "main" roads, it wasn't too bad. Strap on those fancy chains of yours, avoid big hills, and go to Starbucks or Panera or something - you'll be glad you did!

The Stamp Chick said...

Hey J,
I'm sorry you are not enjoying the snow. I love snow, so blow it over this way. I can do without the ice though, so just send snow!!!