Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Ramblings

So Christmas is always a fun time, but busy. And I forget every year how tired I am afterwards. Maybe I'll write a note to myself to remind myself how busy it is and how tired I get and tape it to the Christmas boxes. We'll see. I DO love the holidays though. A lot.

So our Christmas tradition means that on Christmas Eve we attend the candle lighting ceremony at church. This is something I've done for a really, really, really long time. This year....not so much. Service was cancelled due to snow. Made me kind of sad. Ok, a lot sad! After service we go to our good friends' house to have cookies and take the annual picture of the kids on the couch. No picture this year....again, makes me sad.

So this year, in trying to make the best of Christmas Eve, I made a ham dinner. Yeah me. We need to finish the left overs or freeze them. We read a Christmas story and then The Night Before Christmas. Then time Shorty fed the reindeer some carrots and left cookies for Santa and headed to bed anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival. See my Weekly Winners to see pictures of both of those activities.

Christmas morning she awoke early clearly stating that she'd heard Santa say "ho, ho, ho" when she was in bed. Both her dad and I added that we'd heard his bells. What fun Christmas was this year. So we all went downstairs to open stocking gifts from Santa and then we headed over to Grammy's house for our Christmas with her.

My husband's family's tradition has always been cinnamon toast and eggnog and stockings on Christmas morning. And we've stuck with that. We head over and open gifts then eat cinnamon toast and some people drink eggnog. I just stick with my trusty cup o joe.

Everyone was spoiled this year at Grammy's house. Read here or here or here about all the goodies she gave us. She is such a thoughtful person. I'm lucky she's my mother in law!

After all the fun at Grammy's we headed home. There we opened gifts. Grampa came over around noon and played with Shorty. I took a much needed shower and nap. Then I got up to get some stuff ready for dinner (all I did was roast yams). My mother in law brought the rest. Man, she's an amazing cook and so generous. She brought dinner and we all feasted and visited. It was a nice night. After everyone went home we crashed.

I love the holidays! Now I want time to play with some of my new toys.


edbteach said...

Your mother-in-law sounds fantastic! I would weigh 400 pounds if mine could cook like that. What toys did you get for Christmas and did it ever stop snowing there?

edbteach said...

I'm only domestic when I feel like it! Ask my kids and hubby - there are times when I go days without cooking a real meal! Especially when things are busy at school.

The new background is in honor of my birthday which is in January.

Melynda said...

Well just so you know...............

I feel fortunate that I have such a wonderful family to love and do things for. For me that is what makes my heart happy and keeps it young!