Sunday, December 14, 2008

My 200th Post!!! (and weekly winners too....)

So I know I've been MIA for most of December....just too darn busy to blog I guess. So...this is my 200th post. Can you believe it? Me either.

November29-December 13, 2008

Snow!! It's snowing!! But not much...I'm really hoping we have a snow day tomorrow....

Our "new" rig...2003 Dodge Dakota. We like it. We can't drive it cuz it's not insured yet :(
My holiday nails.

Cooking McShorty helping to make cookie jars for Christmas Gifties. We worked on these a couple weeks ago and finished them today.
Just a little taste....

Ballet Recital McShort. Her recital was last weekend.

Shorty McFashion dancer is the one in the striped tights with hearts!

What Enterprise Rental doesn't know won't hurt them, right? We had to get our tree home somehow, and we didn't have a truck as Mr. Tall's was totaled. (we got a new rig yesterday)

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Liane said...

OK, I love the picture of baker McShort. Darling! She is a dolly for sure!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!!!!!

Love the holiday nails :)

Mishelle Lane said...

Great set!

You were right about my Roman Numerals. I am officially dumb. lol

Devoted Mama said...

♥ your nails~so festive :) McShorty looks like she had fun mixing the cookie jars. Look @ her @ the recital~too cute! You'll have to post pics of your tree next week for ww's ;)

Sue said...

You copied my nails!!! Good thing you're on the opposite coast, so we won't be seen at the same parties, looking like nail twins!

Love the new ride.