Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Play

So we have yet another cold snowy day. I don't really mind though. It's a good reason to be lazy and stay home. I think we'll put together a tray of goodies for our neighbors today and deliver them. We might need to do some more baking before we can do that though.

Yesterday we made a snowman complete with a carrot nose. I'm thinking there is enough new snow that we can make another one today. The news makes it sound like we're going to continue with this bad weather for a bit. They're predicting freezing rain too. We'll see. I'm hoping that doesn't happen though. That just makes me feel trapped.

My goal today is to do some scrapbooking too. We'll see though...Shorty doesn't like to be "ignored" and that is what happens when I scrap. I've tried having her in my scrap room with me, but she continually is asking questions and getting into stuff. Makes me crazy and I can't think. So we'll see. I actually finished 5 pages yesterday. Granted, 4 of them were already started, but now they're finished. Oh, and did I mention that they were from Christmas 2006? Yeah...I'm a bit behind....blah.


Liane said...

Cute layouts! That pic of shorty and the snowman is da bomb! Blow that one up, it is a keeper!

edbteach said...

Cute pages! I am also sometime in 2006 so don't worry!

We had snow here on Chistmas Eve in 2004. It hadn't snowed in South Texas for almost 30 years. It was truly a Christmas miracle but I can't imagine living in that stuff for months at a time each year!

LoriB said...

ahhhhh. Shorty kissing the snowman is soo cute! Our snow was too dry to form today.

Jill said...

She is too precious!

Kristi said...

I wish I knew how to change my look like that for different seasons.

I love the picture hugging the snowman. that is so sweet.