Thursday, June 19, 2008


So I'm just feeling like a proud parent. Shorty McShort has mastered writing her name and thus was able to procure a library card for herself. I know, call me a dork, but this is awesome to me. Yeah, we've been visiting the library since she was an infant. I'm sure about the time of her first birthday I started asking about when she could get her own card. "When she can write her name", they said. finally happened. And I just feel so proud.

If you haven't joined your library's summer reading program yet, do so!! Shorty McShort loves it. She reads for 5 hours and gets a prize. Yesterday when we went to the library to pick out her first prize she picked a gooey bug thingy (against my warnings of "I don't think you'll be happy with that"). She thought it was gross and didn't want to touch it after opening it. She decided to give it to her buddy River. So my point is this...join your library's summer reading program. It's fun. I only wish our library had an adult summer reading program.

Which brings me to my next point. I finally finished reading The Way the Crow Flies by Anne-Marie MacDonald. It was an interesting read, but reeeeeallly long....800 pages long. And for me, I didn't want to wait that long to find out the big secret. Just my opinion. (Katie, my speed reader friend you are welcome to borrow this book...when can we come play?) It is well written though.

And with that I'm out. On the agenda for today...trip to see Daddy's new FedEx Office store (opening next week, formerly known as FedEx Kinko's), laundry, and some "school work". Shorty loves worksheets (dear god, help me) and begs for "school work". It just cracks me up like you cannot believe. Yesterday I found a great website where you can create handwriting worksheets with what you want on them (I also put a link to it on my sidebar). Yesterday she was practicing her name. Maybe today we'll work on numbers or write a wall story about the strawberry shortcakes we made yesterday...


Anonymous said...

My surgery is Wed. so I will be out of commission for play dates until further notice! Hopefully not more that a few weeks! 800 pages sounds kind of long for my short attention span of late (plus my night stand bottom drawer is stockpiled with "books to read this summer"). Thanks for the "shout out"!


heather v keeling said...

ohmygod- you did not just say (type) "wall story!"
you can take the teacher out of school for the summer, but you can't take the school out of the teacher! :)