Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can You Save Some TP?

So Lotus, aka Sarcastic Mom has put forth a challenge...try to use less toilet paper. Just go count your rolls on hand right now...yeah...go do it NOW!!! Then, for 4 weeks just do what you've always done. Then, for 4 weeks you're going to pay attention to what you grab out of habit and try to reduce it. (In the words of Lotus)

Here are the date details from Lotus's site:
Start date for the First Four Weeks is Wednesday, June 11, 2008. End date is July 8, 2008. Start date for the Second Four Weeks is July 9, 2008. End date is August 6, 2008. The PSBN post for August is scheduled for August 11, 2008.

So it'll be fun...just count your darn rolls. I did...we currently have a lot of freaking toilet paper...I buy it when it's on sale, ya know? We have 24 "big rolls", 11 regular rolls, and 61 double rolls. OMG, we could be wiping our butts for the next year. I really need to stop buying tp!

On a different note....the field trip today was great. No crazy tweakers bothered us on MAX but my feet are aching. More tomorrow...the last day of school.


Liane said...

Glad the field trip was uneventful! Hugs me