Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Funny Papers Draft

So I was reading the Sunday Comics and thought I just had to share this!!! Don't get me wrong...I'm loving the kid time this summer, but do feel like there isn't much time for me.

Today was yet another busy day. Shorty was up at the crack of 6am dawn. What the heck is that all about? I mean, really now people. I've been cursed with an early bird. We've been living on the new rule of the clock has to have a seven at the beginning before she can make any noise. Yeah right...that's reallynot working. So tonight it was back to the good old alarm. We'll see what happens tomorrow morning, but if history repeats itself, it won't work either. Our conversation tomorrow morning will go something like this:

(6am) Shorty: mooooooooooooooom, my alarm went beep!!!
Me (groggy with sleep): no it didn't
Shorty: Yes it did!
Me: Shhhhhh....come here! Look at my clock, what number is that (me pointing to the 6)?
Shorty: 8
Me: WHAT?!
Shorty: 6 (in a defeated way)
Me: Ok, so what number needs to be there?
Shorty: 7 (sighs and growls), I'm so mad at you mom
Me: See you at 7
Shorty: Ok (and then she goes to her room and sings and makes noise and when the magical seven finally appears she starts alarming, "mooooooooooooooooom, it's seven!!!" until I respond loudly enough for her to hear.

This is just so silly. All I want is to be able to sleep until 6:30-ish and have a few minutes by myself in the morning. Please god, just let her sleep in for a few days.

So once we finally hit the 7am mark this morning and we went down to watch cartoons and have breakfast. I walked on the treadmill (thanks for the encouragement Katie and hope your foot is doing ok) and showered and we were off to Regal Cinemas for a FREE MOVIE!!! (Gotta love their free summer movies) We saw Arctic Tale. Nice show. I asked Shorty what her favorite part was and she quickly replied, "when the walrus tooted and burped, that was really funny". OK...my kid is a class act. (and btw, the walruses really did toot and burp...honest) We headed to the park for a picnic lunch and then were off to a union bargaining meeting at the district office for my school district.

Interesting process. I'm not really sure what I think. All I know is our contract is expiring soon and we don't have one...I hate starting the school year without a contract, just makes life tense. Then that ugly strike word comes up. Ick. Guess I should be working on a fully funded emergency fund, huh? (thanks Dave Ramsey)

Well it's almost 11pm and I'm still up. Geeze I need to go to bed. We're going to have a zoo day tomorrow with all of our friends.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED the Baby Blues in Sunday's paper...It is SO true! Keep on walking! Surgery is today...I'm bummed I can't get my foot wet (aka "no swimming" & hot weather this weekend!) for a week.