Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Bit of Wine and a Fun Day

So I must thank Jen for a wonderful afternoon drinking wine and eating cheese, crackers, and berries. The wine was exquisite and the company outstanding! (Emma was a total show stealer though) Nothing like a nice visit with a friend over a glass or two bottle of wine and a nice chat. 'Nuff said, need to schedule the next date!!!

I spent the better part of today in an AMAZING first grade classroom...I just needed to start to get my mind wrapped around this idea of a grade change. WHOA. This teacher is AMAZING. I just have to say that I hope I can do even 10% of the amazing work he eeks outta his students. So now I've got my brain working on a whole new set of ideas...I know...I'm sick....maybe even obsessed. BUT, I prefer to just call myself passionate about what I do. And we'll move on.

The short person's leotard (compliments of EBAY) arrived pretty in pink, one short sleeved and one long sleeved along with a cute little skirt. What does Shorty McShort reply with? Where are the slippers? OMG, what kind of a princess have I created?! Guess it's off to Target to look for ballet slippers. Wish me luck....I'll have to take a picture of her in the little outfit...pretty cute. And did I mention that it's all she wants to wear? Yeah...she even wanted to sleep with it. Needless to say I promptly said no and found a "special place" to keep it.

Until my next post....